Past Performances

K & I Field Services, LLC has the following past performance:

  • Aerial Port cargo handling for Loadmaster training at Kirtland AFB.
  • Winter Mobility skills for 4 RECON
  • Assault Zone Services at Cannon AFB and Melrose Bombing Range
  • Air Traffic Control services for unmanned aerial systems flights at Cannon AFB
  • Opposing Forces (OPFOR) and Electronic Attack for aircrew training at Kirtland AFB
  • Assault Zone Control services at Kirtland AFB
  • Aerial Delivery Branch support at Kirtland AFB
  • Ground Team/Blue Force support to aircrew training with air assault and downed-aircrew personnel at Kirtland AFB. Included fast rope and hoist operations from CV-22 and HH-60, and Air Assault vehicle driving for MC-130 aircrew training.
  • Furnishings Management Operations at Cannon AFB
  • Airport fuel systems start-up and test for First Fueling Systems, Albuquerque, NM
  • High-angle aircraft salvage and environmental clean-up in Pecos Wilderness